On 4th May 2018, Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) successfully held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2018.

The delegates consisted of Mr. Lai Xuan Thanh, Party Committee Secretary- Chairman of ACV; Mr. Le Manh Hung, Deputy Party Committee Secretary- General Director; and members of Board of Directors, Board of Management; Board of Supervisors, shareholders, authorized representatives and guests as officials from Ministry of Transport.

Mr. Le Manh Hung, General Director of ACV reported the business performance in 2017 and plan for 2018.

The General Meeting of Shareholders ratified the Meeting Minute and Resolution in terms of ratifying numerous contents as follows: 

  • The Business Performance Report 2017 and Business Plan 2018.
  • Report on business administration and performance of the Board of Directors 2017 and orientation 2018. 
  • The Inspection Report of Board of Supervisors 2017 and Plan 2018. 
  • The consolidated Financial Statement 2017; Plan of funds establishments, profit distribution and dividend 2017. 
  • The Official letter on funds of wages, salaries, bonuses 2017, and plan of wages and salaries for the Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors in 2018. 
  • The Official letter regarding amendments of the company’s Charter and establishment of internal regulations on corporate governance of ACV.
  •  The Official letter regarding the selection of auditing firms for making the financial report 2018. 
  • The Official letter regarding dismissals and designation an additional member of Board of Supervisors in the period of 2016-2020. Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuc has been elected a member of Board of Supervisors of ACV in 2016-2020.

In 2017, under the guidelines of The Party, The government, Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, ACV made great efforts in developing business operations, especially airports investment and capacity improvement. In addition, ACV successfully accomplished the objectives of business performance plan 2017; ensured air safety-security as well as the quality of passenger services due to not only the effective leadership of Board of Directors and Board of Management but also the continuous striving of ACV staffs. That actively contributes to the socio-economic development and national defense. 

The business performance 2017: ACV served 94.1 million passengers, increasing by 16% year on year, in which international and domestic passengers reached 30.3 million and 63.8 million, increasing by 27% and 12%, respectively. ACV facilitated 1.366 thousand tons of cargo, increasing by 22% year on year, in which international and domestic sectors increased 28% (905 thousand tons) and 12% (461 thousand tons), respectively. The aircraft movements reached 605.000 flights, rising 9% year on year (international and domestic aircraft movements respectively reached 206.000 flights and 399.000 flights which increased by 23% and 3%. 

The objectives of financial operations of ACV soaked up that exceeded the anticipated number of 2017 plan. Following that, revenues reached 13.675 billion VND, over 110% planned; post-tax profit was 4.194 billion VND. 

For 2018 plan, ACV would serve 101.8 million passengers, increasing by 8% compared to that of 2017, in which international and domestic passengers would be 34.4 million and 67.4 million, increasing by 14% and 6% compared to those of 2017, respectively. ACV would facilitate 1.512 thousand tons, rising 11% compared to that in the previous year, in which international cargo would reach 1.023 thousand tons, increasing 13% in comparison with that in 2017 and domestic one would be 489 thousand tons which would increase 6%, compared to that in 2017. The aircraft movements would reach 637.000 flights, rising 5% year on year, in which international and domestic ones would be 227.000 and 410.000 flights, increasing by 8% and 3%, respectively. Total revenue would reach 16.029 billion VND which would rise 7% in comparison with that in 2017; pre-tax profit would be 5.665 billion VND, increasing 9% year on year; Dividend payout ratio would be anticipated as 9%.

Administration and international affairs